I talk a lot about hard training, structuring your plans, strength, conditioning and everything in between to get you to your fitness goals.


…what people don’t want to hear is the stuff that makes the difference.

The support mechanisms.

The things that keep the machine working.

The things that dampen the effects of the bat shit crazy world we live in where people can’t sit on their own for 3 minutes without getting withdrawal symptoms from knowing what everyone else is doing.

I was doodling after a coaching call to the other side of the world and was reminded that no matte who you are, where you live, what you do, we all suffer largely the same pressures and stresses.

Everyone is a ‘stress bucket’ and every day stress goes in and out and ebbs and flows.


Whilst we differ in how much stress we can tolerate and how each type of stressor affects us, the mechanism is the same and if you’re going to optimise physical performance, you need to gain awareness of how YOU react to everything around you.

This very basic diagram (which could have many more stressors and symptoms) shows what happens when we ‘tip the bucket’.

Often you won’t see this as anything other than ‘a hard week at work’ and then proceed to justify why you deserve a week off the gym or a 16 inch pizza and a day in bed.

I don’t believe in ‘moderation’, but I strongly believe in managing your life so that you can push hard and pull back in just the right amounts to get results but avoid drilling yourself into a hole that can be very hard to get out of.

Adrenal fatigue has become one of the most common health problems in Western society and the response is to expect someone else to mop up the mess when the bucket tips.

We expect everyone from our physio to our massage therapist to our coffee house to our weed dealer and the bartender to sort out the clusterfucks that we keep creating.

It’s like when you used to get all your toys out, make your bedroom look like a bomb site then expect Mummy to clean it all up.

Then what do we do?


If you want to look good all year round, complete cool ‘bucket list’ challenges or just stop feeling crappy all day every day, learn how to gain awareness of the right amount of stress in your life.

Yes, it takes some time and thought so you might have to turn Call of Duty off for a few hours and be an adult!


…there is a difference between patching up the stress bucket and learning how to stop it leaking and tipping in the first place!

Be a boss and manage yourself – your life is not someone else’s responsibility!