There are three things you need in line to get serious levels of life altering success whether the goal is getting jacked up muscles, losing fat or making a million.

Actually it’s less of a line and more of a point at which three key elements merge.

Like a good cake, if you leave out one ingredient, it can be a very different final product!

My pal Dax Moy uses a great model which is so simple and enables you to assess where the breakdown is so that you can ‘course correct’ and get back on it.

Having someone to assess this as you go along is why coaching gets you where you want to go much faster and helps you to avoid falling off the wagon.

You often won’t see what’s going on but just keep getting frustrated at going around in circles.

The 3 C’s you’re going to need are:




If ONE of these breaks down, you’re going to find yourself drifting away from the train track that leads to the goal you set.


You need Competence.

You need the skills to fulfil your goal.

This includes knowing how to perform the exercises that perform your training plan.

It’s not just the how’s you need but how to do the how’s for maximum effect.

This includes knowing how to make meals that fit your nutrition plan.

This includes the mindset action steps you need to take.

You need the right Communication.

This includes what you are telling yourself.

If you are spending all day everyday telling yourself you are too fat, too old and too busy you can bet your ass that’s exactly how your life will go and you’ll take your dreams to your grave!

This includes how you are communicating your goals to your important others.

If your family or friends don’t understand why getting in mega shape is so important to you on a personal and emotional level, they will keep throwing really useless stuff at you like “But you’re perfect just the way you are” and “Just take a break this week and come for a few drinks.”

Whether they say this from a point of genuine care or because they are scared you’re going to make them look bad by getting those abs or a big guns, the communication break down from your side will lead to problems.

You need the the necessary level of Commitment.

This doesn’t mean you have to be ‘hard core’ or obsessed.

I actually think trying to be perfect stops a lot of people from being good enough.

Remember if good enough wasn’t good enough, it wouldn’t be called good enough.

How committed you need to be depends on your goal.

But you need to be committed and use your ‘competence’ consistently and for long enough to make good things happen!

Stop making excuses.

The Breakdown

The breakdown occurs when one or more of the three no longer merges with that magic spot.

You might have all the skills you need and have communicated your reasons to the world and be telling yourself positive things, but just not care enough to commit on a daily basis to getting there.

Breakdown occurs.

You might be telling yourself really good things about how much you can achieve with your life and be 100% committed but just not be willing to pay to learn the skills you need.

Breakdown occurs.

You might have all the skills and be 100% committed, but deep down you’re telling yourself that you’re going to fail and keep finding all the reasons why you can’t do it.

Breakdown occurs.

Where is your breakdown?

Where is it all falling apart for you?

It’s likely that this breakdown has occurred multiple times.

Think how many perfectly good workout programs you’ve downloaded (COMPETENCE), told the world you’re going to do it and everyone gave you a pat on the back and encouragement (COMMUNICATION), but then you constantly found yourself going to your mates house when it was gym time, cutting workouts short or watching the ball game ‘just this once because it’s a big game’ (NO COMMITMENT).

Identify which of the bunch of C’s keeps going walk about and THAT is the key to more success in your life!


This will still get you nowhere unless you ask the question…

“Why do I not have adequate C_______________”

Do this honestly and you’ll get answers like…

“I’m wasting money on booze instead of paying a coach to get me there.”

“I’m scared of my friends pushing me away because I’m doing new things – I don’t want to be the odd one in the group”

“I just don’t really value this 10km goal any more so I find reasons not to go out running – I’m more concerned about my aesthetics and building muscle”

Whatever the answer is is fine and not a reason to be pissed off with yourself, it will just give you clarity and an area to work on to remove the obstacle in your way.

With any ‘C’ out of line, you can expect to be a victim of distraction, lack of clarity, frustration at not knowing what to do (cue pissing about in the gym) and ultimately, a lack of progress.

The common mistake is to overcompensate for a lack in one ‘circle’ by growing the other.

For instance, you keep learning more and more and more skills and gather more information but you STILL just aren’t really committed enough or believe you can do it so your self-talk is off point.

Work your way to growing ALL three circles whilst making sure they are all present all the time and THAT is where the magic happens!