I had a very powerful slap in the face this morning whilst necking a cup of coconut green tea and browsing some old photos.

I regularly do a ‘strengths and weaknesses’ review on various levels: Personal, Business and Physical

This all started when I cracked my spine at 17. That was a truly shit day out!

On the plus side it made me learn how to build a bullet proof back and ‘core’ (I hate that word but it was the buzzword at the time!)


I made a decision not to stop until I could deadlift 200kg, then it became 2.5 times my bodyweight, now it’s 250kg.


The self-improvement game never stops.

Note I say self-improvement. Don’t do it to beat anyone else.

Whether it’s your back, socialising, women (my big trio when I was younger!) or anything else, find it, don’t be scared of it, embrace it and go eradicate it as fast as you can.

The funny thing is, that when you do this properly you end up on a roll and have people wishing they could do is as well.

Meanwhile, you’re laughing so hard inside at the suggestion that any of this came easy and it’s a natural talent you have.

Plug the holes. Never accept that you can’t be a little bit better every time you step in the gym, walk into a party or come face-to-face with whatever mental or physical block you have.

Look it in the eyes and know that today you’re going one step closer to OWNING the obstacle and making it a springboard instead of an impasse.

Sometimes that one thing you shy away from can open up a entirely new path to walk down that you never even considered because it was outside of your comprehension.

Do the lifts you’re bad at so often (with great technique) that your body has NO OPTION but to adapt.

Talk to so many girls it’s just something else you do with your day.

Throw yourself in the deep end then just swim and swim and swim.

You’ll figure it out.

Focus on the process, accept that others will always be better than you but if you keep tweaking and assessing and improving in 1, 5, 10 years you will be a very different person.

Some say you should play to your strengths which I agree with, but if you’re going to become increasingly badass at milking the few years you have on this planet, you’ll usually find that if you can’t improve weaknesses then trying to make more of your strengths is like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe – you have the firepower locked away but your base is too unstable.

You might have killer endurance and work capacity but if you’re biomechanics are bad, your body will go past the tolerance load it can take and you’ll end up in pain and unable to express that capacity.

There is little point being a marathon runner who is capable of finishing 26.2 miles, then just getting better at going further for longer when the race is and always will be 26.2 miles.

You have to work on your strength and speed.

Similarly you may be a rugby player who can beat anyone over one 40m dash.

You may still be of little use if your granny could beat you over the 40 by the second half.

If you have a weak midsection (not just mirror abs) you may have built up stronger and bigger muscles on machines, but you won’t be able to express all your strength in a real world setting (squatting, deadlifting, sprinting, sports etc).

Weak upper back? You’re going to struggle to build a strong overhead press.

And it’s not just ‘movement’.

If your nutrition resembles a 5 year olds birthday party, you can forget being able to train hard enough to get jacked, ripped, tanked or any other term used to describe the athletic physique you have no hope of getting.

At first you have to create systems to routinely make improvements to the point where you DO NOT miss a practice.

For me the aim of a system is to eventually make those who use them so good at it, that the system becomes obsolete.

You just become so ‘strong’ that the situations that used to highlight the weakness are effortless, subconscious wins happening on a regular basis.

Embrace the fact to be a badass you need to stop bullshitting yourself and saying you don’t want to do or have things just because it’s a weak area.

Take responsibility and pull the trigger.

Don’t worry how many times you fall over.

I’ll leave you with this dude…