Andy Sloan is a friend of mine through the UK personal trainer grapevine and someone I really relate to.

Andy doesn’t take life too seriously and, like me, has been known to perform naked pull ups for the sheer thrill of it.

However, he also knows when to graft and put in the hard work to be where you want to be and last year completed the Ironman World Championships course in Hawaii.

I pinned him down and asked him about all things training, nutrition and mindset.

– Should triathletes lift weights?

– How do you stay focussed for that long in a race?

– How do you eat on the day of a triathlon?

– How does it affect the rest of your life?

– Where should a beginner triathlete start?

Check it out, even if you’re not a triathlete as there are lots of useful nuggets you can use to stay focussed and take the steps to achieving whatever crazy goal you’ve set yourself!

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