Here’s some extracts for you from A Hero’s Code.

They really hit home and make you realise that now is the time to get hold of a proven formula, use it and apply it with everything you have.

And this is just a few of the hundreds of insights you’ll have once you get stuck into the book.

I can’t wait to see what you do with this stuff – you’ll love it…


“I’ve made mistakes all my life.

I’ve not treated people the way I should.

I’ve missed opportunities.

I didn’t have as many friends as I would have liked at school.

I’m a skinny guy by nature.

I’ve got a lot of biomechanical problems which can make training difficult at times.

I’ve got big ears.

I’ve had some really crap hair cuts.

I lacked confidence in anything outside sport.

I’m hoping you’re sick of my ‘poor me’ story and you’re almost ready to put this book down.

Here’s the other side of the exact same story.

I’ve learned and grown by trying and failing forwards.

I now understand who I am so I can understand who other people are much more easily now.

Life steered me away from the chances that were just a test of my resolve to stay on the right path.

I invested my time at school in learning academically, learning to compete, learning to win, learning to lose, learning to just keep going when you know you’re worth more than what people are saying.

I was forced to learn how to build muscle and get strong because it doesn’t come easy to me and now I’ve got the formula to give to others if they want it.

I can still train like a beast and work around it. Nobody else even notices.

I don’t lack ladies in my life so who cares about the ears – they’re something to hold on to I guess and it shows that my own insecurities are just that. Nobody else cares.

I shaved my head. If you don’t like something, get rid of it.

My lack of confidence encouraged me to become so good at this stuff that I can write articles, author books and stand up on stage to pass on the message. And make some good money from it whilst living an awesome life.

Same story, same life, different perspective.

A Hero’s Code was written to do give you that same change in perspective.

Yes it can totally transform your world, giving you access to a more money, better friends, more adventure and a body that girls drool over.

However, sometimes we just need to learn that our view and perceptions are really all that matters in determining how happy we are.

The people around you are going to become a key feature in your progress and there will be some tough decisions to make about who you spend time with.”


“By the end you will see just why I just don’t care what other people think of me or how they perceive what I do.

This is just one of the many strengths you will gain from A Hero’s Code.

I’ve been a personal trainer.

I’ve been a bootcamp instructor.

I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach.

I’ve been a manager.

I’ve been a business owner, a fitness entrepreneur.

Now I don’t really know what I am.

I’m still all of those as and when required.

But this is how OTHER’S define me.

I still do all of the above I’ve just relinquished my need for a title or definition because I move in cycles, I go with what is required in the moment to achieve my own personal mission.

I often get misjudged and have done since I was small.

I am or have been an uncle, brother, son, grandson, fiancée, boyfriend, ‘somebody that I used to know’ and friend. I’ve messed them all up at some point.

Whilst I don’t quite know how certain things will be accomplished, I DO know that overspecialization in any one area is what generally leads to the extinction of any species, including you.

And I’ve just got too much ambition and power inside me to let that happen!

The great news is that you have too. So has the guy next to you. And the girl next to him.

You just don’t know it yet. But you will.

I’ve started living by my own rules and values, not those imposed on me by other people who require the safety and clarity of knowing exactly WHAT they are as opposed to finding out WHO they are.

It was the best change I ever made.

I started living deliberately instead of being a passenger to other peoples’ agendas.

I started understanding the importance of cycles in everything.”


Write out your perfect day including:

What you will do.

What time you will do it.

Who you will to do it with.

How long you will do it for.

Where you will do it.

Have a look at what you just wrote.

You probably haven’t written anything about your car’s top speed, the size of your house or how many logo’s you are wearing.

Your perfect day probably doesn’t cost much at all.

You just took a huge step in becoming A Hero with few worries.


There is no competition if your message is the right one.

Your message is your message.

No one thinks the same as you, believes the same as you or sees what is possible in the world in the same way you do

There will always be similarities.

Hero’s often share qualities but have one superpower or characteristic that no one else has or the way they bring knowledge and power together is totally unique.


In business, there’s a term ‘buyer’s remorse’.

It’s that feeling you get when, after hours, days or even weeks of building up to buying that (INSERT ITEM OF CLOTHING / TV / CAR), you get that wave of doubt after you’ve handed over your hard earned cash.

Some people however, are so good at focussing on the negatives in everything that they never do, buy or see anything because they talk themselves out of it.

When deep down you feel a need to go on a particular adventure, book it as soon as you can.

Make it impossible to turn back and don’t allow those demons from the past to tell you that it’s not going to work out, or it’s too expensive, or you should be spending money on doing up your house.

Choose journeys that have no turn around.

This was one of the best lessons from cycling America.


The Hero trains with simplicity and brutality.

I always recall the times when my friends and clients have said to me, “That was definitely the hardest one we’ve ever done”.

Here’s the Top 3 muscle building, fat roasting, mind hardening training sessions I can recall.

1) 4-5 x 7 minute rounds with 1 minute rest.

Prowler push at bodyweight – 40m

Sled drag at bodyweight – 40m

Broad jump – 20m in as few jumps as possible

That’s it. Just do it as fast as you can and repeat as many times as you can in 7 minutes.

Professional rugby player Dewald Senekal went through this with me. The last I saw of him that day was him slumped against a container outside the Storm Force Fitness training facility a full 20 minutes after the last round was completed.

He refused to talk to me until the next day.

We had no option but to keep moving forward during some tough times half way through.

Your personal story and experiences told in story form are more powerful than any media advert.


Start with quick wins

As a Hero you will understand that big challenges are best for inspiring you and mobilising you into uncomfortable action.

But you can’t do it overnight or with one giant leap.

When the chips are down and you need inspiration to carry on, focus on getting a few quick wins under your belt to boost confidence and start the ball rolling.

These quick wins can take any shape or form:

–       Set a target of number of training sessions in the next 30 days. Don’t stress the details too much just get training.

–       Record all your training and lift more weight, complete more reps or reduce your rest time each week.

–       Do an extra round on the heavy bag when you thought you were too tired to train.


Eat more cholesterol

The cholesterol lie is one of the biggest and worst myths in nutrition and health.

Dietary cholesterol has been proven to have no effect on blood cholesterol which, if too high, can be damaging to health.

In fact, we need to eat dietary cholesterol for steroid hormone production.

If you want high levels of testosterone to improve your muscle size and sex life, you need to up your dietary cholesterol.


Don’t be affected by flattery or criticism.

Heroes need to remain egotistically neutral.

When people flatter you, don’t wear it like a trophy. Accept the praise and move on.

When people criticise you, realise that it is emotional instability on their part.

They are criticising you because of jealousy or because you have challenged their engrained beliefs.

Either they don’t want to have to change because it makes them uncomfortable, or they don’t believe enough in what they do.


Move out of your parents, even if you think you can’t afford it.

Get rid of the safety nets you hold on to ‘in case’ something goes wrong.

Necessity forces action.


The Hero’s Code is not a key to a door but is a source of enlightment and hope when all seems lost.

You don’t just turn the key, open the door and walk through a brand new person.

It is a Code of values to live by and improve your life step-by-step, inch-by-inch.

You have found this book because the time is now right for you to start living.

The insights here are just the tip of the iceberg and you’ll find so much more in A Hero’s Code.

I trust you’ll use them wisely…