As the old saying goes, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to get ripped and how to get a six pack I wouldn’t even need to work to care about finding the best answer for them.

Unfortunately, and this may well answer the question, you only get paid for doing the work and delivering.

Often when I speak to people for the first time as coaching clients, I ask them “What would you do if someone you employed worked as you do?”

“What do you mean?” is usually the response.

And here’s the thing…

Right now, you are probably sat there on another Monday afternoon (or morning depending where you live) fantasizing about having the body of an Olympic gymnast, the strength of The Mountain from Game of Thrones and the work capacity and fighting skills of a UFC champion.

All while being an admin assistant in a bank.

Similarly, your employees or members of the team you manage at work are staring out of the window dreaming of the day they are a multi-millionaire lying on their yacht with a harem of beautiful women serving them cocktails and most likely checking out the people on Instagram who do just that.

Maybe the last bit is just me, but the point is you have ‘Top 3%’ goals but your attitude and actions are the reason you are where you are – in the other 97%.

They are so far detached from what they should be doing that none of you are achieving much.

You cannot be everything at once and, unless you’re reading this between revising for summer exams, you have zero chance of being any of the above.

Age and genes and previous life decisions MATTER.

So let’s get raw and let’s get real with 5 things you need to start doing if you’re going to get ripped.


The Rock gets up at 0315 in the morning to train at 4am to be done before filming all day.

This isn’t a motivational thing about film stars. This is the truth.

I know because Mike Ryan told me when we were hanging out at Golds Gym in Venice Beach.

(NB Stay tuned for my interview with him, coming soon)

Mike trains The Rock and even though he’s over 50 now has always liked being half naked modelling because he WORKED to make it happen.

The Rock is RELENTLESS when it comes to training whether he is in the US or half way across the world.

Mike also trained Hugh Jackman of ‘ripped to shreds’ Wolverine fame.


But you…

…you keep dropping workouts because the football championships are on when you’re normally at the gym, your girlfriend wants to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones while you continue to wish you were that strong and your boss keeps making you do over time.

Make a strong choice for once in your life.

If you want to look like a superstar, the bullshit needs to stop and you need to be in that gym, 4-5 times a week, working your ass off as THE priority.


Deciding to get in mega shape does not involve clicking a remote or scrolling social media.

It is not the little things like a new protein supplement, a move from 15 to 10 reps or one extra set when you ‘manage to get to the gym’.

It requires tough choices.

The kind of choices that people shake their head at.

Get up an hour earlier even if you’re tired. 

Throw the TV out, clean out the fridge, dump all the booze in your house and just stop doing other stuff on your schedule IMMEDIATELY.

No you’re not going to the pub. 

This needs to be a total shift.  

Pay up front first without even knowing what the reward will be.


Fitness isn’t like a job where you know that so long as you clock in, you get paid even if half the time you’re day dreaming, hungover or texting the girl with the big boobs in HR.

When you show up, you better be ready.

You better not be deciding what to do whilst you’re driving to the gym.

You better have a plan in which every detail has a reason and moves you closer to more strength, more muscle or less fat.

To do this you might need to spend some serious time and money.

I know it looks like I’m having a jolly around America just working out and sunbathing.

The truth is, whilst that is happening, I have also spent over £5000 on three course to improve the quality of my coaching and marketing of the new developments in my business.

Not got that kind of money lying about?

Neither did I until I spent 10 years busting my ass, losing connections to people that held me back and learning, learning, learning and implementing.

If you’ve learned more about the stories in TV programs and the X-Factor finalists in the last 10 years than you have about your own life, you should be starting to get the picture about why it’s not happening for you.


I have found ‘being professional’ is both an art form and an attitude that is either there or it isn’t.

Whilst you can look at some people and think they are great at what they do but lax in other areas, I don’t believe this.

I think they’re still nowhere near their potential, their average in what they’re good at is just a relatively easy skill for them.

I see a lot of people who are good at what they do inspite of their attitude to life not because of it.

These people could go ‘next level’ if they just got a professional attitude.

My training performance and results goes up when I sort out my work schedule, get to bed early and stop messing about in other areas.

Value your time and attention and up level everything.

Shun those who don’t.

You’re either ‘on it’ or you’re drifting.

Don’t pretend other stuff is going well and you just don’t have time. You could be doing so much better by ‘turning pro’ in all areas.

Be like The Rock and Hugh Jackman.

Be relentless. 

Have a plan.

Know the plan.

Execute the plan.


This attitude has to be in everything – it isn’t like a TV show you watch 2-3 times a week.

I looked at everything.

How I write, how I warm up in the gym, even how I brush my teeth.

If this sounds obsessive and weird, you’re starting to see why you can’t get past mediocre.

Up level everything thing you do and you will be amazed what happens. 

Be better at life.

Don’t allow any distractions or half-arsed efforts. 

Do everything well.

If you want to stand out, you need to stand UP and lead your own life.

It will be the holes that you don’t pay attention to that let you down.

The great thing is that it isn’t a gene you have or you don’t.

You can choose RIGHT NOW to do everything with more attention to detail and commitment.

That’s all it takes.

For me, the problem is in the spaces.

This is my daily plan for Monday to Friday.


It came from designing my ‘Ideal Average Day’ in life.

Not the perfect day with pina coladas on the beach, but a day that I could live out permanently.

I know when I’m training, when I’m working, when I’m creating content and when I’m chilling out.

I aim to only work 4 hours a day, but I will get more done than those working 8-10 hour days because I don’t let other stuff creep in to those times like checking Facebook, gossiping in the kitchen or checking the news.

The key is to know what time is for what activities.

The problems you face are largely down to the holes in your plan.

Like a boat with holes all over, the water WILL get in and mess things up.

People will give you stuff to do, you’ll start scrolling Facebook and you’ll start messing about in the gym filling time instead of just having a plan, executing it and going home.

“The Devil makes work for idle thumbs”.

Work time is work time and I know what work is to be done that day.

Gym time is gym time and I know what exercises, sets and reps are happening.

But similarly, free time is free time and NOT for having to catch up on work because I was distracted earlier.

But even free time should have a goal.

If you’re hanging out with someone, be with that person, not 1 million people on Instagram.

If you want to learn a language or read a book, PLAN IT, or you’ll lose 2 hours to Facebook.

So you see, being regimented isn’t about filling life with MORE work or boring stuff.

It’s about working, training and living smarter so you get more done in all areas.

Know this though.

You won’t know when you get paid and at times you’ll wonder what the point is.

Your time will come just be happy to pay up front first and wait it out.


I used to think this was some motivational crap that didn’t really make sense.

How can I go bungee jumping every day?

How can I have a cage fight every day?

I was missing the point.

Being scared isn’t about your bucket list.

This is about resetting your mental ‘Zero Line’ – the set point where your brain sits about who you are, what you’re capable of and what you deserve.

It’s about doing things that is something of a threat to your sense of security and to what you ‘know’.

What you (think you) know is really just a prediction based on things that happened to happen in the past.

The only way to get past them is to keep doing little things that scare you just enough that you’re able to take the plunge.

I’ve always been crappy at approaching people I don’t know.

I was nervous asking Arnold Schwarzenegger for a photo but since I realised he’s just a guy that got good at lifting weights and grabbed the famous selfie, talking to random strangers in bars and stuff as I travel about has become much easier.


Most of the stuff that’s holding you back is doing so because at some level, maybe really deep down, you don’t think you’re deserving or capable so you end up running your own show based on what you think other people will say or do.

Try it.

Write down the three reasons you think you’re not in the shape you want to be.

If you dig down and ask “Yes but why is that the case” 2-3 times on each one, you’ll eventually strike a pipeline that leads back to not wanting to piss off someone else or feeling like you’re not good enough.

Now do that thing that scares you.

Refuse over time, an after work pub visit or TV time with your girlfriend to hit the gym.

The first time you do it is the scariest but it will jolt your Zero Line.


…the subsequent times that you string together are the crucial ones because they move your Zero Line like a thermostat until the gym schedule, the meal prep, the early bed time become just what you do.

NOW you start to see results and start to elevate yourself above the crowd.

And if you don’t WANT to give up working so much because you enjoy it or snuggle time with the missus every evening then that’s fine, nobody is here to judge, but…

…it will then be time to just give up on those dreams you keep having and to stop pressuring yourself and berating yourself and hating yourself for not having the body or life you want.

Life is all one big choice but if something keeps pulling at your gut and you feel like your screaming at yourself to go do it, things need to change.

Level up. It’s time.