I’ve not seen ‘it’ done like this before.

By ‘it’, I mean teaching people how to kick ass and love their life.

Few people are doing it so something’s being done wrong.

I wanted to change that.

As business as an art form becomes more educated on creating niches and how to ethically and unethically manipulate people into buying things, it is so easy to believe that that one ‘thing’ being offered to you right now is going to make everything okay.

– The magic supplement that will pack on 10kg of muscle in 6 weeks without having to bust your ass in the gym.

– The ‘new’ exercise, which isn’t actually a new exercise. It’s been tried before, didn’t work and got tossed in the trash with last year’s magic supplement.

– The new diet.

– The muscle building ‘guru’

– The fat loss ‘guru’.

I get this from a marketing perspective – it really does make sense.

But it’s been niggling me for a long time that for most people, the everyday people, the man on the street, this just doesn’t help them.

It doesn’t work for 90% of people because they get led to believe that ‘the’ program will pile on muscle in days, so you visualise yourself being big and ripped and how amazing life will be.

Then, if you’re lucky, you DO achieve it and….

…nothing really happens.

Nothing happens because you don’t know how to use your new powers.

It’s not your fault because no-one has shown you what to do now you have the ability to wear tight t-shirts or better, no t-shirts.

Knowing what to do after should come before knowing how to do something.

It’s what keeps you going, kicks your ass to get it done and inspires you to keep moving forward until it’s done.

There’s no failure until you give up on whatever you’re doing.

My friend Luka Hocevar from Seattle who is like a bigger, Eastern European, uglier version of me, said once.

“I’ve done what all the gurus told me in my business and it just didn’t really work. It worked when I started taking care of people and doing what I believed in.”

So this is why I say no-one has done ‘it’ like this before.

They can’t have, because no-one’s been you before.

No-one knows how you feel, what you want or what your individual powers are.

We’ve all got them.

I’ve got them and now I’m making use of them, ignoring the people who are good at highlighting my weaknesses before their own.

You might not even have heard of me until now.

That’s because since leaving university with a Management Studies degree and shunning a lucrative career in finance, I’ve been building up to this point we find ourselves at together.

I’ve been doing stuff which was important in making me walk the right path. but which didn’t bring our minds together like this.

I’ve become known as the fat loss expert in my home island of Guernsey (and across the UK with people who have found me when they needed me), producing amazing results for people who have ‘tried everything’.

I love doing this as it literally changes people’s lives.

Hundreds and thousands of lives.

Guernsey is the same island I grew up in before a stint in the UK.

The same place in which I hid behind sports performances to avoid thinking about how I didn’t have many friends between 13-16 who would call me up and ask me to go hang out.

I hid behind school work, football, tennis and anything else I could get better at just by doing it more.

On my own.

I didn’t need anyone else other than my coach.

I love football because I was always the, or one of the best players in the team so I knew I was valued and people wanted me around.

Once the final whistle went, life wen quiet again until the next game.

Things had to change so I started learning, growing, doing what I loved and following the formulae I created.

I built them learning from others’ experiences, then just followed the systems without asking questions.

So back to my business Storm Force Fitness which now has 200 people on our fitness camps and is now being licensed out to other parts of the world.

We have a growing personal training base, I’ve trained some of the top sports people in the island (and a pro South African rugby player), we’ve got a new triathlon arm to the business and myself and the business are semi-famous in Guernsey, know pretty much wherever we go.

Not bad for the skinny ass, lonely kid of the 1990’s.

But I’ve always known I was destined to do more and I realised that I had to help the guys who find themselves where I was.

– No muscular body to spark the initial interest from a girl.

– No confidence to approach girls even if I am sure they’re interested because the mindset is stuck in the past.

– The constant feeling of wanting to be the popular guy and have my mobile phone buzzing with offers of parties.

– A craving for being good at something you get recognised for.

So I started writing a blog post about what I did, and I lost control and wrote a full book which has had an amazing reception from people who already have the life they want.

That’s how powerful the message is.

A Hero’s Code actually takes you up a path of understanding what you actually want in life.

If you want the hot girls but you’re an arrogant twat who doesn’t get how to cultivate relationships, you’re going to find yourself pretty lonely.

Trust me I’ve been there and done that. It’s fun at first, but it’s an empty existence pretty soon after.

Having the great body is part of a big toolbox in being happy and finding the people you want to spend a lot of time with.

I tried the bodybuilding stuff and magazine workouts and it just ended in disappointment every time.


Because I didn’t take time to get to know what I was about.

My beliefs got imposed on me by the false promises and marketing of the muscle magazines.

Fortunately I figured out that without nutrition being spot on, the training is largely ineffective.

Without the right mindset, you won’t even set foot in the gym, or if you do, you’re going to put in a mediocre session just to fill time and then wonder why nothing is changing.

Without knowing what you want to experience like travel, business and challenges you won’t know how to train because you don’t know what your physical requirements are.

You’ll agree to do a program just because someone pushes a subconscious button about being too skinny and not getting the girl but it really won’t make any difference to your life because you’re too damn confused about who the hell you are and won’t give it everything.

But things don’t stop there. And you’re going to love this bit because it really shifts your thinking.

What do you want to leave behind? What will your legacy be?

When you know what you want to be remembered for, you start seeing what you need to learn and where you need to travel to in order to find the right teachers.

You know what actions to take.

This doesn’t mean forget about having some serious fun in the mean time!

Just use it to create a blueprint or a personal GPS. This stops you being affected by all the bullshit that goes on in the world designed to manipulate, use and profit from those who will just act like sheep and do what they’re told even if it really doesn’t turn them into the person they want to be.

This is me entering California after crossing the country…

And you need to be a bad ass when it comes to building relationships!

Whether you want to be ripped, make money, have a great business, travel or do anything else in this world, you need to be a master at building and cultivating relationships.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Looking after and helping the right people will bring you opportunities as and when you need them, but you need to stay alert and be aware of what you previously thought were ‘coincidences’.

You probably haven’t heard it said like this before.

It’s not “Do 3 sets of 10 of this exercise and you will be amazing”.

This shit will genuinely change your life.

But I need you to get it first.

I need to know you’re the kind of person who is happy to stick a finger up at the people who say you can’t do stuff.

2 years before I ran in the Tough Guy cross-country endurance and assault course event and 5 years before deadlifting 200kg, I fractured my spine and was told I would never run again by the specialist.


Don’t let people say you can’t do stuff. You know you’re better than that you just need the formula to follow.

In the last 2 years here’s some stuff I’ve done…

– Started my business in Guernsey from scratch

– Took 3 months out just 5 months after starting the business to cycle across the USA (Whilst getting paid 3x what I did in my job as a 50 hour per week gym trainer)

– Employed more trainers to run the systems in the business.

– Grown the fitness camps to 200 people.

– Been featured in 2 Amazon best-selling books with a third about to be published as a write this.

– Spend weeks at a time 4-5 times a year in San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles chilling out, training, partying and learning more about business development. It’s tough but someone has to do it.

(Remember 5 years ago I was broke, borrowing money off my parents and working 50-60 hours per week in a gym dealing with people I couldn’t stand because their attitudes stunk of the typical rat race mentality.)

– Completed a 7 day detox in Thailand

– Hosted seminars in the UK for 80-100 other trainers.

– Become friends with some of the leading trainers and marketers in the fitness industry.

– Started mastermind events for other trainers.

– Written a book

– Started this membership site to deliver the best training and nutrition knowledge on to you

And this really is just the start.

But it didn’t just happen.

You are not going to wake up one day and find out that your Fairy Godmother came down in the night and gave you everything you want.

I messed up, made mistakes and finally started building systems that work.

I followed the systems, I got results. Don’t mess with the system!

Use the system and if you ever lose your way, go back and read it again to get the slap in the face we all need when we start being little bitches and moaning about everything.

Grab life by the balls, squeeze hard and keep moving forward.

A Hero’s Code is a blueprint, a coach on your bedside table, a kick in the ass, a ticking time bomb, an inspiration, the key to the beast that IS inside you but hasn’t been let out yet.

Use it as intended.

Don’t try to rationalise the systems based on your ‘knowledge’ or what’s happened in the past.

That stuff has got you where you are now.

If you don’t like where you are now, you need new systems.

If you like where you are now, but want something new / bigger / better / different, you need new systems.

If you don’t want think you want anything more, question why something inside you is telling you to read this book…


And if you have any questions, I want to help.

Remember I’ve been through the feelings of “I don’t want to say anything in case I look more of an idiot than I already feel.”

Just pop them below and I’ll answer as soon as I seen it!