You know how you always say “I’m a runner / triathlete / accountant / fitness trainer / bootcamp owner” etc etc?

This could be the very thing that holds you back.

When you define yourself, you actively cut yourself off from, and put up barriers to other opportunities and areas for personal growth which would be a lot more fun and help you achieve a shit load more in life!

Nowadays everyone feels they have to be someTHING rather than someONE.

This attitude often leaves you with a deep sense of satisfaction because by repeating that definition you’re programming your brain to accept that is WHAT you are but it conflicts with WHO you are which is always changing as life goes on!

Watch this video and see if you and the people who ‘educated’ you have restricted your mindset to a very limited scope of things you could and should do!

This applies to training modalities, employment, business growth…EVERYTHING!!!