We just finished running a charity weight loss challenge at my training facility in Guernsey.

As expected, the results were amazing with some guys losing 20lbs in just 21 days.

When I say amazing, I mean they’re amazing compared to what most people trying to lose weight achieve in 21 days!

They don’t amaze me any more simply because the question is never about whether it can deliver those results but about whether people have a big enough ‘Why’ in their life to keep making the right choices every day.

This isn’t to say I’m not hugely proud of them and pleased they’ve turned things around.

I am, more than anyone else.

But the thing is my standards are so high now. This is the base standard for me.

I’ve adjusted to expecting big things, and doing what is necessary to get them.

Now if you’re not looking to or don’t need to lose weight, keep reading because this isn’t really about the weight loss.

What’s it about is the two realisations I had after seeing the results.

Life is about choices.

Minute after minute.

Day after day.

But its USELESS if you just do it for a day.

Even a week is pointless.

You might be thinking “but I just want ‘this’ to be over NOW” (being overweight, not sleeping, being broke….)

But take comfort that you do not have to wait and pray that the big day comes. Winning the lottery will not change things.

All you need to do is take seemingly insignificant steps each day.

Just do it longer than anyone else is willing to do it for.

Sorry, there really is no other way.

I just truly hope you are not the kind of person who will STILL go and splash out on the quick fix.

Just make the choices and take the steps.


We have created a society that no longer respects or believes in the power of the shuffle.

Call it slow and steady.

Call it the tortoise v the hare.

Call it baby steps.

Whatever label you put on it, the truth is that success in ANYTHING comes from consistently doing the things that make the difference.

Whatever your goal, you probably know what these steps are and the problem lies more in delivering them to the door of you day EVERY day.

The Turbo Transformation plan works so well partly because it’s built on solid foundations of science and creating a situation which can only result in amazing changes inside your body and on the outside and partly on giving you Action Steps one day at a time.

Unless someone has done the program before, they don’t know what’s coming day by day.

They are given tomorrow’s action steps and that is it.

Complete Day 1 and receive Day 2.

Complete Day 2 and receive Day 3

And so on.

Like you, I have times when I just look around for the quick fix, that one thing that will suddenly transform my life in one fell swoop.

But after nearly 30 years I am ready to admit that there really is no alternative recipe for success than consistent delivery of the things that make the difference.


It’s the small decisions that will shape your life and you have to understand that even the small ‘misdemeanours’ in your diet, training or relationships WILL take you off course.

Think about this.

You and I are out on an orienteering mission in an army training exercise.

We’re not concentrating and lose focus on where we’re supposed to be going and because you’re not looking at the compass properly, we end up 1 degree off the right path through the trees.

Now as we walk 1 degree off path for 5m it doesn’t make a difference right?

Even after 100m we still won’t be very far off where we should be.

But what about if we carry on along this path for 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles.

The difference between subsequent steps is so insignificant you won’t notice it.

But the difference between the start and the end is MASSIVE.

And this is where those who fail to ‘live the dream’ go wrong.

They allow themselves to be pulled of course ‘just this once’.

They fail to see the big picture and instead focus on instant gratification over consistent effort for long term amazing changes.

One thing people following the Turbo Transformation ALWAYS say by the end is how they don’t WANT to slip back even though at the start many have it in their mind to just do it for 21 days then ‘relax a little’.

Now you can do that and not be quite so ‘on the money’ with the nutrition and over the first month it won’t make a significant difference.

If you just lost 20lbs, so what if you put 2lbs back on?

But what difference does that make to your mentality over 6 months, a year, 10 years?

The trajectory of life is back off course and you’re en route to a body you hate, less money than you want, more stress, more damaged relationships.

If you want the awesome life you’ve seen others live, accept that it will not happen overnight.

You will not find that ‘ultimate solution’.

Well you might but if it IS the ultimate solution, it will involve some series of steps that have to implemented day in and day out.

It is easy to believe that what you’re missing right now is information.

The successful people have that ‘secret’.

If life was about finding ‘the secret’ and just gathering more information, the price of success would simply be whatever it costs you to connect to the internet and a bit of reading time.

So why are those who spend their days on Facebook and on other peoples’ blogs, not getting anywhere?

Because they aren’t aware of the choices they are making each day.

They’re not aware of the power of habits.

This should be comforting.

Now success is no longer about panicking and desperately worrying about having that ‘ultimate solution’ but about taking the steps you know to work and doing it over and over.

I love the example of the 1p coin from The Compound Effect.

What would you rather £3million right now, or 1p which double in value every day for the next month?

Obvious right? Take the £3 mill and run!!

But if you add up what happens with the 1p, you’ll see that after 31 days, your 1- is now worth…..


Don’t settle for the sand pit when the beach is just around the corner.

So today is about taking responsibility for changing your life, your body, your bank balance through consistently doing the stuff that makes the difference, even when you don’t really feel like it.

It’s about making choices, every minute of every day.

Start seeing every 10 minute block of your day as a chance to make a choice.

The choices we make ALWAYS become habits and the big choice is whether you want those habits to move you forward or just satisfy whatever false need you have right now.

The biscuit.

The TV program.

The pint of beer.

Stop the finger pointing at your friends who ‘make’ you do things.

Stop blaming the government for your finances.

Stop blaming the weather for not being able to go running and lose weight.

Take 100% responsibility.

Learn to cook.

Journal your exercise program and see how many holes are in it by the end of the week because you let someone else make your choices for you and pull you 3mm off track that day.

Make the choice to see yourself and your life differently.

You can’t see what you don’t look for and you can’t look for what you don’t believe in.

Choose to believe you are a Size 10 / a millionaire / a marathon runner – whatever floats your boat.


…not to spend 2-3 hours per day on other people’s news. Use those hours to create news of your own – go train and tell people how it went. Make the calls for your business. Organise something exciting for your partner.

CREATE news – don’t watch it.

…to write down 3 habits you know are wasting your time and taking you further from where you want to be.

Needless spending, watching TV, twice daily visits to the cookie jar, gossiping about others, checking email more than twice a day.


…to write down 3 habits you know will move you closer DAY BY DAY to what you want

Save that £3 on coffee each day – that’s £90 per month. £1080 per year. Imagine how much that adds up to over a year, 5 years, 10 years and that’s before we even consider the interest to be earned over that time.

The consequence of choosing coffee today? £3 loss.

Or is it…..? Remember the power of those 3mm!

Block out 30 minutes per day for training.

It might be physical training, it might be mental training and meditation, it might be reading to learn more about achieving whatever it is you dream about.

Form constructive habits.

They won’t make much difference to today. Or tomorrow.

But the next year?

3 years?

THAT’s when you’ll see yourself pulling away from those who were unwilling to do it.

Talent is powerful. But the willingness to do the things that matter for longer than anybody else is what brings success in the long term.

…to build a velvet rope around your time.

Choose who gets to talk to you and when, how often you click on Facebook just to get distracted, how many times you go to the gym, what you do in there, what time you get up, what time you go to bed, what you say about others, what you say about yourself, how much time you spend doing stuff you hate.

…your core values and your motivation in life.

I’m sure your main motivation in life is not to find out who win’s Big Brother.

I’m sure you have core values and beliefs that every now and then spark your life and make you feel ambitious, excited and driven.

But then you find yourself 3mm off because you let someone else’s values get in the way.

…your why

WHY do you need to train 5 times a week?

WHY do you need to nail your nutrition down?

WHY do you need to get those letters written?

WHY do you need to quit your job and go after the one you really want?

WHY do you need to ask out the person you’ve fancied for 6 months?

Shuffle along longer than anybody else.


No matter how accurately you implement your new habits and stay focussed, always be aware that it is SO much easier to rip it all down.

One of the guys who lost 20lbs on the Turbo Transformation wrote this the day they finished:

“Well guys went to Rocky for a bar meal with my family for tea and orderer burger and chips, ate half the burger and a handfull of chips and sacked it, it wasnt great food anyway but I now feel bloated and a bit ill. Cant wait to get back to good food tommorow, sorry eateries and snack shops of Guernsey but unless its for a special occasion I wont be darkening your doors”

One of the girls wrote…

“I had 3 glasses of wine last night. Woke at 2am feeling so do thirsty. Have got the hangover from hell which serves me right. But I definitely won’t be doing it again anytime soon.”

You must enjoy life, but here’s another choice to make….

Choose to understand what REALLY makes your life better.

Money, big houses, crap food – it doesn’t make your life better.

And you’re right….it IS only one meal.

But how many millimetres has it put you off course?

Can you pull it back on line?

If not, YOU are making the choice to let others guide your path and determine what your life is becoming.

The hardest thing can be believing because tomorrow won’t be much different to today.

Even after a week you might not see much difference.

But it WILL happen.

Are you willing to be a slave in chains to someone else’s goals / timetable / way of life?


How many things you do today have YOU created, booked in and will do with clear purpose?

How many have you ‘voted’ on and how many are just things you bump into as you drift along controlled by someone else?

Choose to shuffle. Choose to keep moving. Choose to do it every day.

Choose to do it on your terms.

And never, ever let go.

Think about your life as a bucket that needs filling.

Everyday you drip one drop into that bucket.

From day to day, you will likely never see any difference in the bucket.

But one day, and it will come, you will look at the bucket and see just how full it is.