Stop Being Clueless In The Gym.

Get The Ultimate 4 Week Programs For Strength, Stamina and Shredded Abs Uncovered Around The World


Do you always get that horrible sinking feeling that everyone else is hitting big lifts, getting fitter every week and sporting an athletic body with six pack abs all year round when you don't even want to take your shirt off?

It's even worse if you really want to hook up with someone but you have ZERO confidence because you feel weak and skinny.

The truth is, they ARE going to notice if you've got a hot body that clearly gets trained well and can do the business (yes you know what I mean...)

That's just the way it is but it's not going to change if you keep messing about in the gym doing bits of this and bits of that from the article you half read in that magazine.

Being average is is a problem because it means you're walking around unnoticed, feeling weak, lacking self-confidence and getting overlooked in everything from sexual appeal to getting promoted.

This is about getting smart, proven training programs done with high intensity sessions - the results will come faster than you think.

The Standard Bro Rules Don't Build Lean Machines

  • Don't eat carbs if you want a six pack
  • Ketogenic diets are where it's at for everyone
  • Bootcamps and personal training are the #1 option for getting in amazing shape
  • You've got to hunt for one magic method that will work for ever
  • 6-12 reps builds muscle so that's all you need
  • You have to keep repeating stuff for weeks on end to progress
  • Hard work gets results so "GO HARD OR GO HOME!"

 Believing this stuff is why you're struggling to be who you want to be and do the things you want to do with your body.

I get it.

I lived in an endless black hole of diets and new workouts written by some kid who is probably skinnier and weaker than you before I realised that I needed something that systematically built up my body, my performance and my confidence.

If you want to unleash 100% of who you are, then it's time to go ALL IN on this.

Hard Gainer or Soft Trainer....?

The Conditioning Squad Helps You Get a Strong, Athletic Physique In Weeks So You Can Walk Around Like a Boss

Get ripped, double your strength and build the work capacity of an athlete

Stop wasting time and take crystal clear training goals and requirements to EVERY gym session

Blow your limits out the water and start doing EPIC stuff with your life!

Steve Chauvel Steve Chauvel

"Doing this plan has really opened my eyes to what proper training can do. It is hard work and every session is a challenge, but at the end you feel achievement and positive that you've done your best.

It's also great to have completion against yourself and yourself only, even if you beat your best by a kilo or a couple seconds. A clear plan and no fluffy distractions! Buzzing to get to the gym, buzzing in the gym, buzzing after the gym!"

Dean Coulson Dean Coulson

"Jon has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about what he does and I love that shit. I train alone and like to be held accountable and ask for opinions and advice from someone I trust.

Being a member of Intense Conditioning is a fantastic way to achieve this. The strength gains are brilliant, increasing weight in all major lifts."

Rebecca Gallienne Rebecca Gallienne

"I feel like with what I have done with this programme so far that I am not only gaining weight training experience where you have someone there to guide you through the steps but also gaining confidence in the gym and myself.

This programme has helped me a lot as I was not keen on going to the gym and doing weight training as never really knew what to do but with step by step videos and feedback it is great. Having a group of people to speak to is great to motivate and to help you along the way!"

Ramon Gacio Ramon Gacio

"I'm loving the program, designed by someone with vast experience who I trust. I can already see the progress with my strength and fat loss.

It is so important for me in particular to have a clear plan and structure. The online banter and camaraderie is equally motivating!"

I'm Handing You The Blueprints I've Learned From The Best Facilities and Experts As I Travel The World

The foundations and 'secret sauce' of the Conditioning Squad have been built over ten years of taking a leap into learning the truth.

The days of recovering from a fractured spine, being scared to talk to girls and constantly feeling second rate are long gone!

I've spent tens of thousands of hours and over £40,000 and travelled the world seeking out the best mentors and coaches.

I was already good at this stuff with fitness camps of 200 people and clients from all walks of life including professional and amateur athletes who went on to win championships and medals.


guernsey rugby team


Fitness opens doors.

As a Conditioning Squad member you're going to be amazed what opens up in your life!

I found people and opportunities through fitness that I never even thought of and you will too as a member of the Conditioning Squad.

I found systems that work better than anything I knew before.

What I REALLY wanted to create was a community that anyone around the world could join, that allows you to build on the last block of training and assess your progress with strength and performance targets over three levels.

  • No more random programs stuck together
  • No more endless bootcamps with no real progression
  • No more transformation programs with a dead-end on completion with nowhere to go next

My 'Zero Line' went up - the line where you refuse to accept anything less and you realise just what you're capable of when you know the right methods.

When I started living by the 'Conditioning Squad Code' I steadily gained 20kg of muscle, built a 500lbs deadlift (despite previously fracturing my spine) and all whilst staying lean with very good conditioning levels. 

When you know this stuff, you become the guy people are curious about...

...a complete turn around from being embarrassed because you don't know what to do!

What you get is to experience different 'fitness cultures' moulded together in a way you will not find anywhere else with enough consistency to get amazing results and fresh challenges to keep you motivated and excited about training!

Gold's Gym, Venice Beach

Home of Arnold Schwarzenegger and many of the top bodybuilders in history, as well as celebrity trainers like Mike Ryan who I quizzed on how he trains the Rock and other movie stars!

Gym Jones, Salt Lake City

The mysterious invite only gym run by head trainer and ex UFC fighter, Rob McDonald. This is where the 300 actors got in 'Spartan Warrior' shape and Henry Cavill trained for Superman. The also train NBA and NFL stars along with athletes from a range of sports.

Dan John, Global Teacher

One of the most respected strength coaches in the world today and lead trainer for the RKC, Dan is a wealth of information on how to get strong fast without all of today's circus nonsense!

Phil Richards, Wales

Phil has a testimonial list that includes a huge number of elite sports people ranging from UK's strongest man to UFC fighters to boxers to rugby players and track athletes. I learned so much about health and sports performance interning with Phil and it forms a lot of my approach to getting strong and lean!

Coaching professional rugby player Dewald Senekal

Training South African rugby professional, then of RFC Toulon enabled me to develop brutal training sessions that focused on improving performance in all the right areas. Strength, power and sprint speed all improved along with injury prevention and body composition.

Become An Animal In The Gym, On The Field And In Bed With Unbreakable Confidence In Your Body and Abilities

  • New Fast Working Physique Development Programs

There are certain things (which you're going to learn) that ignite primal urges in the opposite sex.

Strength and confidence is virtually irresistible to girls (even if they try).

What I want to teach you about strength and confidence as part of the Conditioning Squad is one part of the jigsaw that will get your sex life 'banging' again!

Some stuff doesn't work and if you keep messing about with it you're going to get nowhere and watch everyone else getting ripped.

Do it the wrong way and you will lose muscle, get frustrated, lose even more self-confidence or constantly cycle through gaining one 'superpower' whilst losing another.

The Conditioning Squad will change all of that...

No more wasted workouts

No more 'false' transformations involving lost water weight, photo shop and going back to where you started once the challenge is over!

No more being lost in the gym

No more crappy exercises that do more harm than good (yes you are doing them!)

No more bad programming mistakes that halt your progress

No more signing up for 12 month memberships and getting NO RESULTS!

I'm going to give you the fastest working shortcuts to better performances and an impressive physique.

No drugs required, just the quality training and nutrition that works.

How to structure training for more muscle and less fat.

How to get stronger with it so you have the Show and the Go!

What the Minimum Effective Dose is for time-efficient, body sculpting workouts.

The exercises, the sets, the reps, the tempo, the tension, the variations.

Just get it done and watch your body morph even if you're a hardgainer like me!

In these muscle building, fat burning workout plans you’ll be given the exact sets, reps and rest times to ramp up fat burning metabolism whilst getting in and out the gym in double-quick time.

PLEASE NOTE: These training programs and nutrition plans are for both guys and girls but NOT those who want magic pills.

I believe in hard work to get the results and some people just won't be ready for these programs.

If you're not ready to test your limits and see how far you can push yourself, the Conditioning Squad isn't for you.

Either way you need the right attitude to consistent training and pushing yourself.

  • Direct Access To Your Coach, Jon Le Tocq

As a Conditioning Squad member you'll have me keeping you accountable and making sure you're training hard 24/7.

I'll be checking in every single day to answer all those questions you’ve had for months or years about nutrition, exercise and hitting those targets which always seem out of reach.

You'll always get an answer (within just a few hours wherever humanly possible!)

  • Members Only Training, Nutrition and Mindset Coaching Videos

You'll have access to exclusive, detailed coaching videos which break down the technique of the most effective exercises on the planet.

Each video takes a step-by-step approach to developing safe and effective technique, building from the ground up from beginner level.



Figure out how to optimise training for your fitness level, skills and goals.

Learn how a kick ass session is designed for more strength and muscle making sure you get every thing done but don’t spend hours in the gym.

Know what to eat and when to create the anabolic state you need for more muscle.

Learn how to mix strength training, conditioning and sport to get the best results without burning yourself out.

Explore the secrets of how to get your mind in the right place to make sure you hit your goals and don’t keep drifting off to other things!

How to choose the right nutrition plan for you dependent on your goals, training and current level of stress and time availability.


After your select your membership and make the initial payment you will be automatically re-billed at the end of the period chosen for as long as you wish to remain training like a machine! 

You can cancel at any time before the next payment is due (no refunds once the program has been released) by simply sending us an email and we will take care of it immediately.


If you were going to work with me 121 with the same training principles and programs it would cost over £1500 (and you wouldn't get the group motivation!)

Even an average program design service in a gym will likely cost you over £300 for three months.

For just £33/month you're going to get 3 months of insane Intense Conditioning programs with all the strength and power building exercises you need with tough conditioning challenges.

(That's about £1 per day!)


Imagine the level of Badass you can achieve when you apply yourself to constant progress for 12 months!

When choosing Option 2, the Annual Membership, you'll be charged £275 and will avoid becoming one of those people who talks a lot but never does anything epic!

This option saves you £121 and is for those people who want to stop jumping between programs and start standing out BIG TIME.

'All In' Membership lets you constantly build on your development and achieve the exponential gains that come with consistency and personal ambition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill I be able to do the exercises?

    Conditioning Squad training is based on the key multi-joint compound exercises that anyone wanting to be strong and fit should be able to do. You have private access to detailed coaching videos to help you learn the exercises with the biggest impact plus the coaching support group if you need help learning or adjusting anything.

  • q-iconWill I be fit enough?

    Yes! Each program is structured in such a way that you can push yourself no matter what level you’re at. You’ll never have to lift a certain weight or run a certain speed – you choose the heaviest weight that allows you to perform the exercises for the given reps with excellent and safe technique.

  • q-iconDo I need to live in the gym?!

    No! The programs are designed to give you maximum impact but fit a normal life! You’ll need 4 x 60 minute sessions (including warm up) to get these done. They will only take longer if you spend too much time resting / texting / watching TV!

  • q-iconWhat if I have an injury?

    You should always consult a physician to ensure you are able to train but I will always help you work around any injuries adjusting exercises or replacing them with more appropriate ones.

  • q-iconWhy can't I just get free stuff off the internet?

    Anyone can give you random exercises to do. You could do that for yourself but we know that hasn’t worked! Intense Conditioning gives you proven programs from the highest level of coaching plus crucial coach and group support you won’t get by picking random plans. I’ve discovered how to combine strength and conditioning work for a lean, athletic physique without needing to be a pro!

  • q-iconDo I have to share my results?

    No not at all! Some people like to and I recommend it because it gives you the accountability needed to push you to be better and go the extra mile in your training. However, if you prefer to simply track your own results and ‘compete’ against yourself that’s your choice.

  • q-iconIs it just for guys?

    No I have trained loads of girls with these methods and there are many who have done these programs. Your figure will improve a lot and really stand out when you master strength training and use the Intense Conditioning programs.

  • q-iconWill you tell me what to eat?

    Yes – not only am I always adding nutrition plans but I’ll teach you the principles you should learn to be able to take charge of your own nutrition. That way you don’t lose the plot when you can’t stick to a ‘perfect plan’.

  • q-iconDo I get rest weeks between programs?

    Yes and no. I used to program for 4 weeks on, 1 week off but found people lost momentum. Now programs are 4 weeks with the first week being a ‘Development Week’ in which you start the program at lower volume (giving you time to work on technique and have a ‘deload’) then build over the 4 weeks.

Love The Training or Don't Pay a Penny!

If you don’t love the training, call or email us and we’ll refund every penny immediately. I want you to feel like a BOSS and if you don’t, that’s unacceptable!

The Conditioning Squad programs are developed from the experiences of the very best coaches around the world and they work FAST.

I’ve tried and tested all the programs on myself and others just like you, so I’m willing to take the risk of investing off your shoulders and place it firmly on mine with an iron clad 30 day money back guarantee AND give you a free Skype consultation to figure out what went wrong.