I love life.

Yes I get a bit stressed sometimes and there’s a flicker of “I’m going to punch someone in the nose”, yes I wonder about what my remaining years will bring, and yes I mess up a lot.

But I’ve got my head around a few things which make a huge difference, even though my situation hasn’t really changed much.

This is the key to being happy because whether you like it or not, sh*t happens. The effect it has on your world depends solely on your reaction to it.

So I started wondering what makes the difference?

Why can some people brush off negative people and upsetting events where others dwell and stew on it making things ten times worse?

Why are some people willing to train like beasts where others find every excuse not to lift heavier weights, not to do certain exercises and not to do full range of motion just because it’s harder?

Why do some people revel in healthy eating from Day 1 even when they used to eat rubbish, yet others want to go on and on and on about how hard it is and how much it is ruining their life?

So I figured the best I could do is give you what I see in situations that generally throw people off, make them angry and lead them down a path of self-destruction and sabotage time and time again over the years.

In no particular order:

You see children who MUST have sugary food to pacify them.

I see children who’s brains are in tatters and over-stimulated already. I see a chance for you to change their lives for ever. I see a child who lacks minerals and vitamins and fish oils which build a better brain.

You see people you HAVE to drink with.

I also people you HAVE to drink with. I also see people I wouldn’t spend time with if they’re that boring and unable to entertain you without you being smashed. I see people you need to spend less time with and find people who value you when you are sober or just a little tipsy but able to function the next day.

You see saying ‘No’ as boring.

I see a desire for you to feel accepted. I see No as part of a cycle that enables you to say Yes to the things and people that matter. I see a chance for you to experience restraint and control so you can experience the exuberant highs of saying Yes to things that change your life rather than the next few hours. I see a chance for you to stop living in a state of mediocrity and do something better.

You see risk.

I see opportunity. I see the universe laying down a challenge to see how much you really want that thing you keep talking about.

You see the potential to fail.

I see the potential to succeed or at least learn enabling you to succeed faster the next time, long after everyone forgot and stopped caring about a slight error. (This usually takes about 24h before they get self-absorbed once more).

You see more information as the solution to your problem.

I see a need to distance your self from information overload by not watching TV, reading internet sites or believing more crap in magazines. I see a need for you to act and follow through for weeks on end.

You see a mountain.

I see one step.

You see fat loss as the goal.

I see fat loss as the middle man between getting healthy and being able to do all the cool stuff you’d love to do with your body. I see fat loss as a means to a very different end based on emotion and lifestyle desires.

You see health and fat loss as different things.

I see fat loss without health as dangerous and regressive in the long run. You will end up fatter and feel worse.

You see someone to be jealous of and angry towards.

I see my next teacher.

You see a need to find someone to ‘complete you’.

I see a need to complete myself first and attract someone else who has done the same so we don’t centre our energy in each other leaving us vulnerable an unable to grow as individuals. I see an energy struggle coming as both people feel a need to gain control of the relationship to gain a bigger share of the limited energy pool.

You see money as bad. After all the baddy in all the films you watched was the rich dude.

I see that the mindset of the person in control of the money is all that matters. I don’t think Batman is real. I see money as bad when it has no purpose and the quantity is all that matters.

You see endless problems.

I see nothing you’ll care about when you’re taking your last few breaths and wishing you spent more time with your family, travelled more and worked less.

You see me as some weird cult leader.

I see a totally open door to Storm Force Fitness which people can walk in and out of when they please. They just don’t want to walk out once they realise the true potential of the tools we lay before them.

You see a lack of quantity (car, house, bank account).

I see a lack of quality. I see emptiness through lack of understanding. I see a lack of self-esteem requiring attachment to bigger things to fill the void.

You see good food as restrictive and bad food as a reward.

I see good food as a reward enabling something amazing that is yet to come and bad food as restrictive because it stops me running fast, breathing properly, feeling great, processing mental tasks logically, having lots of energy and living an adventurous lifestyle. I see that you’ve done no physical hard work to deserve a reward anyway!

You see healthy food as boring.

I see a chance to learn how to cook. I see healthy food as fuel for doing exciting things instead of sitting on the sofa and waiting for the weekend…being boring.

You see exercise as a chore to get through by doing the minimum.

I see exercise as training for everything I always wanted to do and see so I need to give my maximum.

You see a fat person and point.

I see someone who may have lost 10 stone already and still be going strong and no more about fat loss than me or you.

You see a Greens drink as hard to stomach and ruins your morning.

I see a mental block. I see a drink that may save you (in conjunction with a good nutrition plan) from popping pills the rest of your life. I see a drink that helps keep me out the doctor’s surgery where people are trying to get me on medication.

You see healthy nutrition as unsustainable.

I see spending my later years in and out of the surgery and hospital as a big inconvenience.

You see heavy weights as for bodybuilders.

I see a big misunderstanding which isn’y your fault but is way of target all the same.

You see potential embarrassment in challenging yourself because you might look silly.

I see a belief that people care about what you’re doing much more than they really do. It’s nothing personal, but people REALLY don’t care. They will however notice you for pushing yourself and respect you much more.

You see an empty slot in your timetable as failure or laziness.

I see a chance for me to remove myself from the rat race and come back stronger later.

You see holidays and weekends as ways to escape.

I see ways to make a life that doesn’t require escapism.

You see sun cream as protection.

I see sun cream (at first) as the most insane idea ever. Behind thinking that not eating will make you look better.

You see 3 weeks of sticking to a plan as inconvenient.

I see a life ahead of you full of dissatisfaction, hating the mirror, being depressed and wondering what might have been. Until you have a severe health problem and HAVE to do it anyway.

You see supplements as optional.

I see supplements as unnecessary if you live in a cave with access to clean mountain water, lean organic game meat and wild fish in the nearby river, fruit and vegetables growing in unpolluted soil just outside your cave, and a complete lack of stress which messes with your digestive system and internal organs.

Phil Richards Performance

You see strength training as something big men and sportsmen do.

I see you missing out on something to keep you in shape well into your later years and which will rapidly improve your physique and sports performance if that’s your thing.

You see a step backward as embarrassing.

I see you pulling back a catapult.

You see certainty as safe.

I see certainty as placing my life in the hands of other people. The most dangerous thing you can do in a changing world.

You see holidays as time to do nothing.

I see trips away where I can learn, grow and experience.

You see coincidence.

I see the universe giving me a sign about my next step and who I should speak to.

You see a big bank account as reassuring.

I see wasted opportunities which you’ll regret when nothing matters any more.

You see busy-ness as a sign of success.

I see busy-ness as an inability to think outside exchanging time for money. I see being able to live and have lots of time to play, love, travel and experience as success.

You see a room to store ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated.

I see a room where I could put fun stuff and play with friends and family.

You see someone in the mirror that you want to run away from.

I see a need to stop running from your own shadow and the footsteps you have trodden so far. I see a need to go sit in the shade, let the shadow disappear and the footsteps go silent.

You see a moment to make the future safer.

I see a moment just gone that isn’t EVER coming back.

You see a closed door.

I see you looking for the keys when you’re hiding them yourself.