vertical jump

Whatever your goals are, you need to train hard.

We all know that!

Now obviously every sport differs but whatever your sport, the stronger you can get, the more powerful you’ll become and from there you can develop the ability to generate power repeatedly.

If you engage in any power based sport such as rugby, fighting, tennis, football, volleyball etc, getting super strong will lead to improved performance.

But how strong?

Again each sport and position will differ but targeting excellent strength will always lead to improved performance!

And it’s not to say you won’t be a great athlete if you can’t hit these.

But for motivation and targets in the gym, these will give you SIGNIFICANT advantage over another athlete with all else equal!

BW = Bodyweight. So if you weigh 80kg and the target is 1.5BW, your target number is 120kg.

Front squat – 1.75 x BW

Back squat – 2.25 x BW

Military press – 0.75 x BW

Deadlift – 2.5 x BW

Power clean – 1.25 x BW

Overhead squat – 5 reps at BW

Max neutral grip chin up – BW + 0.5 BW (dumbbell between legs or weighted belt)

Learn the lifts safely and keep approaching those targets and your power and speed will rocket taking your sports performance with it!