When you meet a hot girl in a club or even a social situation like a wedding or party, it’s always a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve to demonstrate value.

In other words, you need to show her that you’re not just another idiot trying to get in her pants, even if you are.

The Cube is one such tool you want in your arsenal.

Guys shit themselves about approaching girls because of fears about rejection, being embarrassed and having nothing to talk about.

The simple truth is that if you can just make the situation more intriguing and more fun, you’re half way to convincing the girl that she wants to spend more time with you.

Back in the summer of 2010, I was walking around Encore nightclub in Vegas when I physically bumped into a girl. After making an apology and finding that the simple act of having a British accent in America earns you a lot of Brownie points, the night continued with some idle chit chat.

After a while I decided that I had nothing to lose if I tried out a routine I’d read about called The Cube which apparently helps you glean information about a girl’s personality, life and perceptions of herself.

Not only did it work it then, but it’s not failed in 6 attempts to be very accurate and leave the girl wanting to learn more.

There’s a lesson in that. People want to know more about themselves, why they feel like they do and how to make their lives better.

If you can be the guy who might provide that, she’s going to stick around, even if you’re not the best looking guy in the club.

So here’s how it works:

(You need a piece of paper and a pen)

First, you ask the girl to draw a line across the page to represent the horizon in a desert, leaving you with one half for sand and one half for sky.

Next, tell her to draw a cube. Don’t give any more information than that.

Next she must draw a ladder wherever she likes. “Think carefully about where you feel they fit into the landscape and how big it is.”

Next up she must draw some flowers. “Again, think carefully about where you feel they fit into the landscape and where they should go in relation to the cube and the ladder.”

Then a horse. “Is it a big horse or little horse and where does it go in relation to the other three things so far?”

And finally a storm “How big do you feel the storm is and where do you think it fits into the landscape?”

Now, there are some very detailed ways to interpret and make this more complicated but I’m one for simplicity and leaving out the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

The Cube

The size of the cube in relation to the page indicates her levels of self-esteem. So if she draws a small cube she  is likely to lack self-confidence.

If she draws very 3D graphic image she feels she has a lot to offer and a lot of substance / personality.

Drawing the cube on the horizon usually indicates a lot of ambition whereas if it is low down on the page she may well not really have any life goals.

The Ladder

If she draws the ladder resting on the cube it’s because she feels her friends depend and rely on her a lot.

The size of the ladder indicates how important her friends are to her and the rungs will signify the number of close friends she feel she has.

The Flowers

The number of flowers will signify the number of children she either has or wants in her life.

The proximity of the flowers to the cube should indicate how much they are a part of her life.

If she has lots of flowers scattered everywhere she likely works with children – this could be used as a phenomenal guess at her job if she hasn’t told you already.

(Hopefully you haven’t asked yet as you’ve been avoiding the usual boring questions…!)

The Horse

The horse represents the man she has or wants in her life.

If it is close to the cube she either has a boyfriend or wants one. If the horse is far away, she wants some space  from her boyfriend or wants a man who can let her have some space whilst in the relationship.

If the horse is facing the cube (her) she has or wants a guy who will pay her attention. If the horse is facing or walking away, she probably wants out of her relationship or is not interested in one.

If the horse is tethered, she wants to restrict or control her man.

A big horse means she wants a strong, powerful man in her life whereas a little horse suggest she wants to be the dominate force.

The proximity and interaction between the horse and the flowers can also be very telling. For instance, if the horse is walking all over the flowers, she expects that her partner won’t treat the children very well.

The Storm

Ask her which direction the storm is travelling.

The storm represents any current feelings about problems in her life.

If the storm is big and over the cube, she is under a lot of stress and has some troubles to deal with, but if it’s quite small she doesn’t foresee many issues that can’t be dealt with.

If it is distant from the cube she is pretty happy right now.

If the storm is moving away then the troubles are receding but if it is approaching the cube, she sees some troubles in the near future.

I suggest writing down your interpretations on another piece of paper if you have one, then questioning her on the subjects above. Show her what you wrote one by one.

This builds suspense and literally can astound girls!

You don’t have to do this on pen and paper you can just get her to describe the scene, then talk her through what you see is happening in her life based on what she said.

So the cube is a great game to play and use to get to know someone without all sorts of boring, traditional interview style questions about jobs and family!

She’ll be curious to know what else you can tell her about herself.

Be warned, one girl got emotional about this (in a good way) and others were a bit spaced out but all wanted to hang around and get a little closer.

Job done.