As you know, I’ve been battling a rotator cuff injury recently.

It sucks ass to be honest, but rather than sit at home crying like a little girl about what I can’t do, I’m trying to maximise every minute I can, like today’s Cinderella Man session.

I don’t want to lose the progress I was making with my boxing so I had to find a way to at least stay quite sharp and switched on without making the shoulder worse.

If you haven’t seen Cinderella Man here’s a little clip.

Braddock breaks his hand but has to fight on to feed his family. Awesome stuff.




This was a great conditioning workout.

Average heart rate was 160 bpm. (Including rest breaks)

Max heart rate 194 bpm.

6 rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds

Complete all the exercises as fast as possible for required reps then spar until bleeper goes at 5 minutes.

200m row

75 double wave reps on battling ropes

20 Bulgarian pulse jumps to 10-12 inches on each leg

200m sprint

Spar rest of 5 minute round.

Cracking conditioning session for fighters preceded with some shoulder rehang work.

I would usually throw in more upper body work like explosive push ups but I have to do what the shoulder is okay with.

My training partner Adam did 20 thrusters in place of the pulse jumps.

Two things I love about it:

1) As you are working against your partner, if you can get done faster and back in quicker, you buy yourself some breathing space before sparring.

So a better work rate pays off!

2) It trains the ability to concentrate in sparring when you come in from the sprint and want to put your hands on your knees and take a break.

Give it a crack with a training partner and report back.