They predicted that as the year 2000 hit the world was going to end and everything would fall apart.

Well it turned out the Millennium bug wasn’t really a thing, but 8 months later that’s what it felt like to me. 

Total collapse.

I fractured my spine in two places.

For 3 months I did virtually nothing.

Another 3 months passed and all I could was swim.

This was a guy who pretty much lived for football and tennis.

I look back now and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.


It taught me to go All In.

I could no longer play football and tennis, go running, throw in some hockey and cricket and athletics and get away with it.

It taught me to focus.

It taught me to figure out what the one thing I wanted/needed most was and shut the rest out.

It taught me that the best lessons come from the greatest pain, simply because until then you’re not forced to stare some horrible shit in the face and make changes.

It taught me that the light gets in through the cracks.

If I was ever to stick a finger in the face of the surgeon who told me I would never run again, I had to go All In.

I submerged myself in the buzzword at the time ‘core training’.

I’ve never done so many mind numbing plank exercises.

(I didn’t know any better then but it proved the point that being average consistently beats being perfect for a few weeks!)

And so began a whirlwind journey I am still on, to find the best ways to get stronger and complete physical challenges no matter how big or small.

Are you All In?

Have you EVER been All In?

Think about it.

You say you want more money but you spend half the time at work mentally elsewhere grabbing time on Facebook and chatting to colleagues about pretty much anything that stops you grinding and working your way up the food chain.

You say you want to get in amazing shape, but you spend at least part of your gym session still checking stuff on your phone and texting your mates.

You want to get ‘it’ done but you keep getting pulled away by texts and emails as other people take control of your time again.

You say you want to get jacked and build muscle but you keep dipping your toe in MMA, boxing, running and anything else other people seem to be having fun doing.

You wonder why relationships don’t work out but you don’t actually invest yourself fully in them (but it’s always the other person’s fault because they just didn’t get you…)

You pay for fitness programs / personal training but keep looking at other stuff and kinda mix it in and add to your current program until you end up coming full circle back to what you’ve always done just because it’s comfortable and less confusing than trying to put all the other stuff together in a way that fits.

You’re in a set of squats but you’re thinking about the run you have to do tomorrow so you best ‘save some’.

I bet you can’t even watch TV without doing something else like texting or watching a video online!

And that girl you’re chasing…

You’re not confident enough that you can win her over so you’re still ‘keeping your options open’.

Man up and go All In.

Prove yourself.


Winning doesn’t happen by waiting and hoping.


You’re going to have to find out what game to play and play it HARD.

When you give yourself too much time to succeed, other stuff will creep in and extend the deadline.

You’re not ALL IN.

Stop giving yourself a Plan B.


I don’t care if some close to you doesn’t like it.

The hardest thing is, it might not happen exactly when you want it.

But if you want it enough you’ll keep going.

That’s why I strongly recommend you need to make sure you enjoy the game you’re playing and be ready for the long game.


Go at it relentlessly.

Does it guarantee that it will work out?

Hell no.

BUT it means that the worst case scenario is that you will learn a lesson much faster.

Then you go again.

Don’t get this twisted either.

I’m not saying you have to commit to one thing and go All In forever.

It just means you give that one thing all the effort it needs for the time it needs then move on to the next thing or expand that one thing in other ways.

Unless you want to be Olympic champion or a professional at something, you often don’t need as long as you think to tick it off your bucket list.

That is of course assuming you are not screwing around doing five other things.

I’ve never been amazing at anything but I’ve climbed a mountain, cycled across America, put on 20kg of muscle, hit 7% body fat, had a cage fight, won a Strongman competition, owned businesses and so on.

There are people out there MUCH better than me at all those things.

But I did it for ME to tick off my list.

I went All In, got it done and moved on.

That’s how I prefer to live.

You may find one thing one day that you want to stick with forever because it totally captivates you.

That’s fine but there’s still only one way to find that thing.

Go All In and see if that one thing deserves your life.