About JLT

Everything You Need To Create the Mind, Body and Life You Crave!

Message from Jon Le Tocq:


Welcome to jonletocq.com where I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned and continue to learn about forging a great looking AND PERFORMING body, cultivating a mind that magnetises success and building the lifestyle you want…

…and it doesn’t matter if you’re guy or girl!

These are the some of the girls I’ve trained…..

Model Fit

You’re going to get to know me pretty quickly but for now here’s what underpins my life and some pictures of cool stuff I’ve done and continue to do.

– Train hard, rest properly

– Train for one thing at a time and give it everything.

– Lift heavy

– Develop machine like physical conditioning

– Focus on intensity and when that drops, do what you have to do to your life to reignite the fire

– Test yourself every few months in a variety of ways

– Eat clean but cheat at the right times – it stops you going nuts

– Never try to define yourself or you’ll close off better opportunities – evolve with each challenge

– Find the hottest, most amazing and naughty partner you can and don’t settle for anything less

So here’s some of the weird stuff I’ve done.

You might want to do these things or something totally different.

This is just my story – I’ll help you uncover and live your own with passion and vigour!

Muscle building for skinny guys!

Jumping Out of Planes


Ticking ‘Fight Win’ off my bucket list

Lock-In 2014_Bout-4-38_CANVAS SAMPLE

Brutal fitness challenges like Tough Guy

Trained amateur and professional athletes: Rugby star Dewald Senekal

Worked as strength and conditioning coach to champions

Climbed a mountain

Cycled across America

Get Inside My Mind and Unleash Yours!

This is all about helping you get what you want.

So it’s time to embark on a journey of discovery but without all the wishy washy fairy tale stuff.

I HATE wasting time or thinking I’m getting nowhere – like living in No Man’s Land.

So I’ll give you the philosophy and the inspiration but also the cold, hard ‘get stuff done’ action steps that will give you tangible results in your life within days and weeks.

I’ll help you…

Figure out which fitness training program is right 
for your fitness level, skills, goals and stress status.

Know what to eat and when depending on your goals building awesome health and energy along the way

How to mix strength training, conditioning and sport 
for the best results without burning yourself out.

Get the most out of your mental time
 no matter where you are or what kit you have available

How to get your mind in the right place to make sure you live a kick ass life
by changing the language and stories you tell yourself

Decide which nutrition plan is right for you
 dependent on your goals, training and current level of stress and time availability.

See precisely how you MUST change your relationships to get what you want and give back more

Keep progressing WAY beyond the first couple of weeks of forced motivation…

WOW…that makes a change!