I’m seriously frickin’ busy right now because of some major transitions in setting up our new gym.

Sometimes I feel like I’m so tired I’m barely in the room. You know that tiredness like when you put your phone in the bin, walk all the way to get somewhere and then feel like you time warped into someone elses’ life – everyone looks at you like an escaped mental patient as you try to work out why you’re there.

Now that’s not your problem and not a complaint. At the end of the day life is just a print out of everything we’re thinking about ourselves and I’m happy accepting that what is right now is simply the knock on effects of decisions made up to now.

Taking responsibility like that is the FIRST step in setting yourself to kick some ass in the future. If you don’t, you will CONSTANTLY be blaming other people directly or indirectly for why you haven’t lost weight / made more money / got to the gym / gone on that dream holiday and so on.

I love to see the opportunity in whatever gets thrown at me and in this case, when some days I struggle to get everything done, it’s made me determined to relaunch this blog designed to show you how to hack any fitness goal.

I remember doing a workshop with this dude Ido Portal.



At one point I turned round after wondering why I couldn’t even balance properly against a wall to see him doing something like this.

I also remember thinking I had too much to do in life to ever be able to do this.

More recently I’ve kicked my own ass again and realised that just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I can’t work towards fitness goals but I need to make sure every second is VALUABLE in getting there.

I also know now that the pleasure in life is in the journey even if you never get ‘there’.

If you set a big enough goal and only get 80% of the way there, you’ll have fun and learn some cool stuff!

See whilst when I was younger, I wanted to be a world champion to impress people and be famous, now I’m over 30 I just want to do cool stuff for me.

Call it a bucket list or whatever you like. I don’t do it for other people – I just want to create stories to remember.

I don’t need to be the best, just take on a challenge and get it done to the best of my ability even though I have a business to run – there’s no need to use time as an excuse when you know how to ‘hack’ goals.

If you’re not familiar with that expression it basically means how to get stuff done as fast as possible – almost like cheating but everything is legal and above board.

Think driving a car without having to learn about every single button and component.

Think being able to play guitar without learning every single possible note and chord.

Much of what we do on a daily basis is fluff and really doesn’t contribute to our self development.

In the gym that’s DEFINITELY true and most people are spending 50 minutes of their allotted 60 minutes of workout time, doing stuff that really won’t make much difference to their body – it just warms them up which right now is great because here in Guernsey it feels like I’m permanently in a fridge.

So to set the scene, here are 7 things you really need to do to start accomplishing personal fitness goals.

1) Reverse engineer the end goal.

Ambling hopefully towards something will very rarely work.

Know exactly what you want to do and when you’re going to do it, then reverse engineer the end goal in small steps to where you are now.

This makes it much more manageable and often you realise you don’t need as much time as you thought because you only need to take small steps in the process to get there.

For instance if you want to do 50 push ups and can only do 2 right now, that’s a BIG jump.

But if you want to do it in 6 months time that’s 24 weeks.

So we need to 48 more push ups in 24 weeks time.

What about if we do an extra 2 each week?

Not so tough sounding is it?

And can you spare 1 minute per day? I KNOW you can.

So EVERY day, do 1 minute of push ups – however many you can do, but you need to do 2 more every week.

The volume you’re doing (training every day) will very soon bring up your strength and skills so long as you’ve been shown how to do one properly.

Don’t worry too much about the big goal. You know that and you know the process. Focus on the process and the goal will soon appear!

2) Set the clock

Whether you need 1 minute per day or 30 minutes to get to your goal, set the clock.

Put the 30 minutes on the clock and HACK.

Don’t hack and check your phone. Don’t hack and watch TV. HACK AND HACK WELL!

Afterwards you can do what you want but when you’re on it, BE ON IT!

3) Be a Big Baby 1

Do you remember when you learnt to walk?

No of course you don’t.

Well what happened was you saw all these big people walking around and your brain accepted that was the way to get things done faster, so it copied.

Either surround yourself with people who already do what you do so your brain sees it as possible or watch lots of videos of people doing it and then visualise yourself doing it.

Remember….EVERY DAY or as close as you can.

4) Be a Big Baby 2

When you learned to walk you didn’t care if you fell on your arse every two or three steps.

Then you grew up and started worrying about being seen to fail. So you stopped trying pretty much everything new.

Be okay with falling….literally if you’re like me and trying to learn to walk on your hands!

5) Give your brain time

Cool new research shows that the human brain can ALWAYS learn new things but if you don’t use an area of your brain for a while, something else takes it’s place – something that you DO use.

It’s the classic use it or lose it.

When you learn something new, it takes time to cement it in there. If you keep slipping back you will never mould a new brain that knows how to do what you want to do.

This goes for walking on hands, eating healthily, doing your first push up, running 5k without stopping.

Yes, some is down to physiological changes but often you talk yourself out of it before you REALLY test your fitness!

This should be taken a step further when it comes to strength based body skills as you can use isometric holds and slow reps to teach your brain how to recruit the necessary muscles. That’s all strength is.

Enough quality holds and reps in the right positions and you’re there.

Accept that there will be VERY LITTLE difference in your skills day to day. The long term is what matters.

Unfortunately in this day of wanting everything in the next 5 minutes, most people give up before the brain has had time to remould, grow and develop.

So I look forward to helping you hack your own fitness goals – we’ll be looking at everything from push ups to chin ups to completing a mud run to riding across America.

Yes I actually did that it was the best thing I ever did.

It takes a long time to master something but not that long to complete something.

That’s an encouraging thought!

What is your goal anyway?