You want it straight up?

You want stuff that will change your body in DAYS and your appearance dramatically in weeks?

Listen up then go do this stuff TODAY.

1) Drink between 2 and 3 litres of water per day. If you can get an quality filtration system that’s perfect, if not, buy bottled.

This does NOT include extra water required during training.

You may urinate like an incontinent racehorse at first. Don’t worry – it will soon pass.

2) Eat more green stuff, then eat some more green stuff, then when you think you’ve eaten enough green stuff for today, eat some more green stuff.

If you can’t eat any more green stuff, drink some green stuff in the form of an alkalising, energy giving, blood cleansing, greens drink.

3) If someone else made it, let someone else eat it. Stay natural.

Farm, sea, tree, ground. If it didn’t come from there or came from there and underwent processing or preserving, don’t eat it more than once per week.

4) Eat protein at every meal but rotate it to avoid developing allergies.

Eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, steak, shell fish, game – there’s lots of choice so don’t be boring.

5) Add good fats to every meal.

Avocado, coconut oil, coconut milk, olive oil, flax oil, seeds, nuts occasionally. Get them in if you want to create a fat burning metabolism, boost your immune system, improve your brain function and make your skin look and feel better.

6) If you can eat it raw, eat it raw. This will increase the level of digestive enzymes in your body and the fibre required to keep a healthy digestive system.

Don’t eat raw meat you freak.

7) Avoid gluten – it messes you up and makes most people bloated. You don’t want to look fatter than you really are do you?

8) Keep your carb intake to after training. Some fruit in a post-workout protein shake also times antioxidant intake when you most need it. If you aren’t in need of losing loads of fat, you can adds some complex carbs to your post-training meal.

9) Choose sweet potatoes, wholegrain rice and quinoa as the best sources of complex carbs and the ones least likely to cause insulin issues or allergic responses.

10) Stay fresh – add a shopping trip to your week in place of watching Geordie Shores so you have more fresh tasty veg in your fat loss arsenal.

11) Reduce the plastics in your life – reduce the oestrogen in your life.

If you need to take food in a plastic tub, line it with grease proof paper or similar.

12) Have a caffeine strategy.

Go cold turkey for 4 weeks, then use it occasionally before training to potentially aid fat loss. If you drink it all the time, this won’t work.

13) Use intermittent fasting.

20-24 hours without solid food will do wonders for food addictions and snacking habits, body fat and digestion.

And reduce your food bill.

14) If you can buy local do it. Meat and veg especially. Farmer Jones down the road won’t have pumped your meat full of antibiotics.

15) Take a probiotic – don’t eat probiotic yoghurt – the levels of good bacteria are pathetic.

16) Supplement with fish oil. 4-6g a day will make a big difference to loads of stuff.

17) Go organic whenever you can.

18) SLOOOOOOOOW DOWN. Learn to cook and enjoy your food. Chew it until your jaw hurts.

19) Don’t eat starchy carbs unless you want to add some muscle. You don’t need them – you’re just stressed.

20) Deal with your stress and your nutritional ‘requirements’ change VERY quickly!

21) Turn down sugar whenever you can. Don’t add it to stuff.

22) Cut out dairy. You might be okay with raw, unpasteurized goats milk and cheese.

23) Use a post-workout protein shake. If you tolerate it, use whey protein, if not use a vegetarian based protein such as rice, pea and hemp.

24) Don’t take part in the office cake run. You do not need to celebrate the fact that it is Tuesday by eating a chocolate croissant.

25) Having a bevvie? Choose vodka, lime and tonic water. Too much beer gives you man boobs.

26) Cook with coconut oil over other oils. The fats are awesome and the heating point higher.

27) If you train in the morning, taking some Branch Chain Amino Acids may be a good idea.

28) Don’t blame your work schedule for being fat. A Warrior Diet style of eating can be used where you snack in the day on veg, fruit and some light protein with a larger meal in the evening once your done.

29) There is more than one way to skin a cat. Learn about different approaches to nutrition from people with REAL results not made up studies. Don’t skin a cat, it’s not nice.

30) Replace sauces with cider vinegar and olive oil. Cider vinegar is great for breaking down food, improving digestion.

31) Eat less frequently. Cook more.

32) Try stuff out. I created a Mint Choc Chip post-workout smoothie.

Plain rice milk, Green Life, Cacao nibs, Peppermint extract, Vanilla or chic whey protein, crushed ice.

Blend. Drool


33) When you’re hungry drink some water first, then have a raw salad. Chances are you won’t be so hungry soon.

34) Don’t eat plane food. Long flight? See Point 13. Saves you money and body fat.

35) Try out new stuff. I like Aubergine. The words pretty cool as well. Say it out loud holding the syllables for 3 seconds each. Go on.

36) If you did what I said in 35, the person next to you thinks you’re weird.

37) You can train on an empty stomach – it’s all mental. Fasted cardio early morning before breakfast works pretty well for fat loss.

38) Treat your food with respect. Don’t boil it, fry it or roast it into submission. You do however, have permission to put veg in a blender and savage it into a pureed nutrient bomb. Even if it looks like a willy.

39) Don’t eat too much fruit if you want to lose body fat. Post-workout is good – it will go straight into your muscles as part of refuelling.

40) Don’t focus on fat loss nutrition. Focus on getting excellent digestion, blood quality, energy, and training performances.

Do all of these and you won’t have much fat.

41) Rotate carbohydrate intake to trick your hormones and body into roasting body fat.

42) Use a pre-workout Amino Acid complex such as Amino Work Capacity. This will help increase your training intensity and reduce muscle breakdown during intense sessions. It will also help you begin the recovery process quicker.

43) Analyse everything you do in terms of will this move me closer to health or further away. If you want to lose fat, choose the ‘closer’ options only. Get healthy and the fat loss will follow.