I turned 30 yesterday.

As expected, I got all the old man jokes which was fine by me because in the next 12 months I intend to:

– Continue having an awesome life with my hot Californian girl (always a dream of mine!!)

– Travel to California, Namibia and Thailand

– Keep learning Muay Thai with a view to fighting in the Lock In 2014 here in Guernsey

– Sort out my movement issues so I can train harder and get stronger than ever before

– Keep building my business which has only really just got started as far as I’m concerned.

– Really get stuck into internet marketing so I can travel loads and see all the awesome shit most people dream about.

And I’m going to keep acting like a child by doing stupid things, taking risks and being the most stupid man in the room whenever I can so I keep learning.

And keep eating cake on occassions.

Age is nothing.

The problem is it drags most people down because as they get older they accumulate more ‘problems’.

They also accumulate more stuff and the more stuff you accumulate the more defensive you get so you stop taking risks.

When you stop taking risks you do whatever you can to strengthen where you are right now and that just makes things worse.

That’s just one thing I’ve learned that I didn’t know 10 years ago.

Here’s another 30 in no particular order:

1) If they don’t make you laugh more, healthier, richer (financially or in terms of the soul) or more adventurous, don’t waste your valuable time with them.

2) Be prepared to feel your way with nothing but a gut feeling. Sometimes it’s like walking in the dark when you’re a 5 year old. You will physically feel like you’re going to shit your pants but later in life you realise how funny it was that you believed in the Boogie Man.

3) Your gut knows more than your egotistical mind which is only able to rehash the past or analyse the future. Your gut understands NOW.

4) Don’t get too comfortable with, or rely on, anything. It WILL change. It might screw you over big time or it might just be that one big thing you always knew was coming. Accept change and get used to the phrase “It is what it is”. Sometimes you just can’t explain stuff.

5) The answers really are inside. No car, house or trip to mystical lands will give you the answers. (However, the trip to mystical lands might do what’s really necessary and release the mental chains your current environment puts on your consciousness)

6) Understand that life’s a trapeze act. At some point you will no longer want to be where you are, but you’ll be paralyzed by fear when you think about letting go. You’ll make up stories about what will happen in the period between letting go on one side and catching on the other side. Find people who will help you across the void.

7) The best learning always happens in the deep end with no arm bands.

8) Work with people who resonate with you on a personal and spiritual level. Don’t just work with them because they have a big bank balance. Their methods probably won’t work for you especially these days where the only way to differentiate long term is with your personality.

9) The only right way is the one that works. And that won’t last long. Keep moving.

10) Life’s a muscle. Sometimes you have to tear it down to build it back bigger and stronger. It needs to be worked hard, it needs recovery and it will shrink and weaken if you don’t keep investing time and effort into it.

11) Don’t invest energy trying to correct the past.

12) Some people really won’t like you and the more you analyse it the less sense it makes.

13) Live like an astronaut. As you fly upwards, you will have to discard what was once useful but has become deadweight. This can be hard. See Point 6.

14) Train your body in a multitude of ways. Rest it lots. The magic happens in the rest break.

15) Train your mind in a multitude of ways. Rest it lots. The magic happens in the rest break.

16) Sometimes no matter how ambitious and driven you are, it’s good to just sit down and play Mario Kart.

17) There is no such thing as a stressful situation, only misguided reactions in which the energy you have to make things better is set in the wrong direction.

18) Get a coach no matter how good you think you are.

19) The challenges which make you nervous and a little bit sick in your stomach are the ones that get you on to that other trapeze bar.

20) No-one ever got told off by anyone worth listening to for trying anything worth while. Jump in the deep end.

21) Nothing really matters except the things or people who have the ability to switch off your thinking. If you don’t have this yet, go try more stuff. Most of your thinking is utter bullshit based on your ego. It makes you panic about the past, the future, about money, about things people said, about nothing that will matter when it’s all over.

22) Learn to look from the outside in at what you’re doing. Laugh at how stupid you’ve been. It’s fine. Just part of the journey.

23) If you start feeling uneasy around people, be aware that a slap in the face is coming. Get out sooner rather than later.

24) You don’t have to keep spending time with people.

25) Call it karma, ‘for every action there is an equal reaction’, what you give is what you get’ or ‘the way of the the journey’ but in the end, everything balances out. EVERYTHING.

26) Look at what you attract from others. Don’t blame them – that is what you REALLY give out. If you have a lot of angry people around you, you’re giving that out in what you say and do. Start with yourself.

27) After the third time you complain about it, change it. The chances are nobody else will.

28) Hire based on core values. That goes for business mentors, coaches, employees and friends. Trust me on this one.

29) If you have to try too hard for too long, you’re either doing the wrong thing or you’re doing it wrong.

30) Remember when you used to be really happy?

I’m guessing it was probably when you had very little money, no house and an old banger of a car.

Then you thought it would get 10 times better if you earned 10 times more money because you saw people with stuff but didn’t realise how miserable they are.

Then it got 10 times worse.

Go back to basics.





When you’re doing the things that make you happy you’ll attract people you want around.

Then, if you’re smart, you can do the things you love for those who love what you do and make money from it and all 30 things will fall into place.