You’re a worthless piece of shit.

You’re fat.

Everyone else is stronger than you.

You’re never going to have sex with someone who truly rocks your world.

I bet, to some degree, that’s how you start most of your days.

It’s possible you spend the WHOLE day talking to yourself like that.

If I was your coach and I spoke to you like that, what would you do?


Would you keep paying?

Would you keep respecting my input?

Would you want to spend more time getting to know me and doing things for me?

Of course not but…

…that’s how most people talk to themselves.


If that’s you and you don’t get a handle on the 10 things I’m about to advise you on, you’ll probably NEVER get anywhere near your goals because you’ll never feel worthy of them or believe you really can hit them.

If you don’t believe you can hit a goal, why would you bother investing time, energy and money in trying to get there?

You won’t and you’ll take the modern day version of fight or flight option and ‘run away’ making up some bullshit excuses about time and money.

So here’s 10 things you can do to be better in 2016:

1) Look very closely at how you are guiding yourself.

Whether you like it or not, you are steering the HMS You.

Every thought, every feeling, every time you engage in some internal dialogue, is pointing your GPS in the direction you are about to go.

If you keep saying you’re tired, fat, unfit and so on, you’re very clever ‘inner brain’ will make sure that stuff happens.

That way you don’t end up with some weird split personality.

Everything gets nicely lined up and there’s no difference between what you think you are and you’re reality.

Sure you can’t get ripped overnight.

However, if you start to think of yourself as a fighter / bodybuilder / athlete and visualise DOING the things they do (don’t just visualise the goal) you’ll find your brain guiding you in that direction.

A fighter might run 10km in the morning and do 60 minutes conditioning and technical work in the afternoon.

For now, you might jog 3km and do 15 minutes conditioning later on.

You’re on your way you little badass you.

2) Use a Power Pause before eating.

Some clever people somewhere found that if you relax and express gratitude before eating, you are 77% more likely to choose healthy food when you eat.

That’s some high level advanced fat loss technology right there!

5 minutes of deep breathing and being thankful for all the good stuff (yes there’s probably lots of bad stuff but that will pass) and you could be dropping fat.

Easy and free.

3) Stop looking for THAT transaction.

If you have spent your life going from diet to diet, supplement to supplement, gym to gym, it’s because you still believe that there is going to be one transaction you can make that will get the result you want.

There isn’t.

If there was, I would probably sell it and make a fortune.

Look for the INVESTMENT that guides you to being a better and better version of yourself year on year.

4) Stop being the Boogie man in your wardrobe.

Do you remember when you would lie in bed until your bladder nearly burst because you thought the Boogie man was going to get you as soon as you put a foot on the floor.

boogie man

You thought you grew out of it.

Actually most people still think like this and can’t get out of bed every morning because they HATE the version of themselves that’s showing up right now.

They know as soon as the day starts with that roll out of bed, they are going to be living a life that means virtually nothing to them beyond paying for stuff they don’t even need to be happy.

You are you’re own Boogie man.

Find inspiration, find a job you love even if it pays less, travel, play more and you’ll be surprised how easy getting out of bed can be!

Take time to write down and make real, how you want to think, feel and act.

Take time to write down who you want to be and what you want to do.

Once you know for sure, you can Define it to make it crystal clear, Refine it so you get rid of the deadwood (people and things you pay attention to that don’t serve) and Realign your actions to make it happen.

If you don’t, your days become one long reaction to emails, texts, videos on Facebook, demands from your boss and any and all expectations about who you should be apart from your own!

5)  Stop looking for more information.

The amount of info we collect these days on everything from diet to workouts is insane.

Every blog you read, every video you watch is just piling more and more info into that brain of yours.

The problem is the more you ‘learn’ the bigger the gap gets between where you are and where you want to be.

It’s like learning raises expectations which are already too high.

You know loads but you implement nothing.

Stop gathering and start applying what you ALREADY know.


Don’t be the person who works and works and saves and saves for a rainy day but never actually goes and lives.

6) Don’t set goals until you’re out of the Danger Zone.

Because of individual experiences, people who’ve influenced us and what’s going on around us right now, we all have a personal Danger Zone.

This zone is where we start to panic about what is expected of us, what we ‘should’ be doing and what’s going to happen next.

The net result is we move into a part of the brain where it’s all about survival.

We panic buy solutions then find out they really aren’t what we need because we’re not paying attention to what we REALLY want.

If you want more sex, go on a fat loss diet and everyone will want to rip your clothes off.

You do it and find that often, it just doesn’t work because you still lack the self-confidence to talk to anyone in bar!

You lack that confidence because the ‘you’ that you’re living as isn’t the you, that you believe in or want to be.

Take time to relax and deal with your personal threats and stresses.

Once you’ve done that it’s easy to explore the goals in life that really make you want to jump out of bed and you’re MUCH more likely to achieve them!

7) Know the ONE thing.

Once you’ve discovered who you really are, created a game plan that you’re happy you can implement daily according to your schedule and so on, it’s time to get going.

BUT….remember, you can only do ONE thing at a time.

If you try to do five, you’ll do none well, panic you’re getting nowhere and quit on yourself yet again!

Even down to individual reps in the gym, you can only do ONE at a time!

To make this most effective do a daily review of the ONE thing you needed to do today.

The next morning review the ONE thing you need to do on that day.

String them together for big wins!

8) Know the rest of the story.

Someone asked me what I thought of Eddie Hall’s diet the other day after it was posted on FB.

The guy is a monster and competed in the finals of World’s Strongest Man.

The upshot of the story was that if you ‘eat like me’ you’ll get big.

Well yeah. 9000 calories per day will do that to you.

However, the rest of the story is that he likely trains 2-3 times per day.

It’s ALL he does.

He will be on some form of testosterone/growth hormone combo.

His supplements cost about £100 per month or more (but he’ll be getting them free as a sponsorship)

You try that diet without the drugs and you are going to get very fat at the same time.

So whatever you want to do with your body, know the rest of the story before you go idolising and copying elite athletes/bodybuilders/fitness models and so on.

9) Look around you.

The people and attitudes around you most, will be the ones you adopt if you stay in them for too long.

Be VERY careful who you let take up your time.

Do it now.

Look around the office.

Look at your closet friends that you spend time with.

You are becoming like them.

If you don’t want that and it doesn’t serve those goals you found out when you REALLY tuned in, it’s time to make some changes.


10) Make sure you enjoy it.

Training and stuff will at times, hurt.

You won’t be able to breathe and maybe feel like your legs are going to fall off.

Make sure you’re like me and get some sick pleasure out of it or find another way.

If you don’t enjoy that feeling you will start to back away, especially when other things in life go out of balance and work/money/relationship stress increases for whatever reason.

Unless you love your chosen method, it will be the first thing to go.

You’ll reason that you’ll get back on it when things calm down.

You won’t.

You’re fighting primal survival forces that you can’t beat unless you get truly inspired from the inside out.

I wish you well on 2016’s journey.

Just do it right this time!